Transform your Life through Kindness


If you want to live life more fully, consider looking outside of yourself. Yes, happiness starts from the inside, but if you look at the world around you, you’ll see places where you can give from the inside. Love, purpose and connection all begin in the heart. The starting point to changing your own life by fixing what you feel is wrong with it is sometimes not the right place to start at all.

transformSince we are ALL connected and EVERYTHING is ONE, then you can make the difference in anyone’s life and effect your own life. It might be because someone else’s situation makes you realize yours is not so bad, or it could be that one smile of gratitude empowers you to feel good about yourself. The reason matters not. What I’m talking about is like the electrical grid. Everyone needs to be plugged into it or forever feel alone and lonely. Disconnection leads to depression and hopelessness.

Regardless of what’s going on in your life, there is always something to be grateful for—some blessing to count. That one spark can light your whole world up regardless of how dark it’s been. BE the difference in the lives of others, and we all transform together. We are not all so fortunate to be in career fields that serve humanity in a profound way, but there is always some need you can fill. Here are a few ideas that might fit into your life right now.

  • Obviously volunteerism is the number one answer. Some people find this difficult to do with their schedules, but it doesn’t have to be something to plan for in retirement. Decide what really pulls at your heart strings. Children? Animals? Homeless? Once you’ve chosen, consider where you might make that difference, offer the limited time you have to give. It could be four hours per week or six hours each month. Many organizations are grateful for anything you can give.
  • If you go to church, then there’s a good chance they have an outreach program or other committee you can get involved in. It could be writing out greeting cards for members who are ill or helping the hospitality committee with coffee and a baked good. Being the difference along with others creates a tremendous group energy with purpose that fills you to the core.
  • If you can’t give of your time and your money is limited, then examine what you can give. There are animal shelters who always need old towels and pet food, food pantries desperately needing canned goods, and shelters needing winter coats. Perhaps you can ask neighbors and friends to help your efforts. It allows them to be the difference as well, so you’re helping them too!
  • Are you a stay at home mom with a soccer schedule or do you have three jobs to hold? Until you come to a calmer place in your life, just stay focused on opportunities for random acts of kindness. When you put that in the forefront of your mind, you will be surprised how many opportunities to help others will come along. It could as little as opening doors for others or as big as assisting an elderly neighbor with their groceries. While you might be someone who would do this anyway, when you ask the universe what you can do to help, the universe will answer in the most wondrous ways.

It goes without saying that any giving act is going to make you feel good. Don’t ever feel guilty for feeling proud of yourself in the actions of helping others. It was built into your body’s nature to do this and it’s a positive reflection of your soul. Acts of kindness are acts of love. There are chemical responses in the brain when love and kindness are experienced. It’s the nourishment for your life. It is the life force, chi. Don’t suppress nature’s high! Feel good about every little accomplishment. It heals the body, the heart and many of our earthly ailments.

When you suffer heart ache, helping others will bring that painful imbalance back through biochemistry. When you are stressed with work or difficult family situations, helping others will calm those nerves and soothe you. Being the difference through kindness offers a new perspective in your life by offering clarity and hope for your own path ahead.


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