Soul Purpose and the Life Map


You have purpose. You may not be able to read the blueprint right now, but there is a Divine plan. Faith is the invisible force that asks you to believe in it. Even those who don’t hold their faith high however, must admit in hindsight, certain events unfolded in the most miraculous ways.

life mapEverything has reason. Every thing and every one has purpose. Nature is not random. Choices are not random. Consequences are not random. We may not be able to stand far away enough to see the big picture all at once, but rest assured that everything will be revealed in its time and place.

My gifts may allow me to “see” more of the picture than others, but even I will not be shown every nuance and detail of what will come in your life. The simple reason is that you’re not supposed to know it all in the here and now. You knew it all before you came here, and you have a life map you carried into this world. It contains information on soul mates, your soul group and certain events on the time line. I’m not saying that it can’t be read, but if you or I could easily unroll the parchment and read it all out loud, then why would we even need to be here? We came to here to learn lessons. This is the School of Earth.

I am grateful to be able to see some of the clearer elements of the life map for my clients, but some of it is out of focus in order to protect the integrity of a life lesson. You cannot even get caught cheating on these exams, even when you are given great clues! I often find reading for someone a second time, that new areas of the map are revealed because life is an ever-evolving journey.

Many people want to know what their purpose is—most people, in fact. We all have multiple purposes as I’ve seen so far. One that we all share is to help, serve and love. Compassion. Every map reveals this to me. The service line that we share can be fulfilled by how well we treat others and ourselves. Some people are here to extend that service. They often go into medical or teaching fields, or they might be very involved in volunteerism. Other purposes I often come across include healing from traumas, helping others with their own karmic paths, leadership, mentoring, activism, advocacy and being an overall support system. However you fulfill your contract is your free will choice and you might even change the course at some point. These choices might be influenced by many people and experiences in your Earth life or even a past life. The “hows” and “whys” bring curiosity, but they are not as important as the actions.

I cannot tell you in an article what your life purpose is, but I can tell you that if you don’t feel happy in life and you don’t feel fulfilled and whole, then you are probably not living it. Other people will not complete you, but living your purpose will help you complete yourself. I do recommend regular meditation in order to help bring answers closer to your awareness. If you have problems with meditation or just want to try alternatives, be sure read my article about Mindless Meditation.



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