Law of Attraction Tips and Tricks


So you already know that what you send out into the universe is what boomerangs back, but do you apply the Law of Attraction in a practical manner? Many times we are sending the correct messages but garnishing them with the wrong vibrations. We often don’t even realize when we’ve shot ourselves in the foot, making it much easier to call the whole LoA thing wishful thinking…but it really is!

I want to share a little checklist of items that might be helpful for the beginner as well as anyone who might find a reminder useful. We can all feel a little stuck at times left wondering if anyone out there is listening! They ARE listening, but WHAT are you actually telling them?

  1. Presentation is everything! Remember that the ethers take your signals literally. If you keep saying, “I need a $100, I need a $100” then they will send back NEED. It is best to act as if it’s already happening and on its way, “An extra $100 is coming to me before the end of the month”, and you need to OWN that thought or phrase in your heart. Also, note that presenting it as a desire and not a need is more positive. Putting negatives like ‘need’ out there can be more problematic in manifesting what you desire.
  2. You must believe! If you truly DON’T believe that an extra $100 can come your way, then you can’t own it in your heart, and you’re more likely to stay in the NEED zone. When this happens, I suggest you start with something you CAN believe in. The more it works for you, the more faith you’ll put into it.
  3. Focus your attention. Sometimes we just want so much, that we will try to work on it all at one time. If you make a vision board for instance, consider having one dedicated goal on there. When you get good at this, then add another. A different approach to consider would be short-term goals on your board. Instead of putting up a picture of where you might retire one day, you can make a three-month goal board with simple present-day achievements to focus on. Wanting everything to change in the blink of an eye often leads to disappointment and giving up.
  4. Do not attempt to control the process. It is not your concern how and when things will happen. You must send it out and simply let it go until the boomerang returns. Concerning yourself with these thoughts can hinder the progress because you are sending out an initial vibe (and supposedly owning it in your heart), but then you are sending a second signal of worry. This often accompanies doubts and ultimately sabotage.
  5. Stay positive! Counting your blessings rather than your problems can mean everything to the outcome. Let the universe do it’s part, but make sure you’re doing yours. Remember that negative attitudes often bring on negative situations. When you dwell on problems and worry too much, then you could get more problems to worry about. When you count blessings and put out gratitude, the universe will send back more blessings to be grateful for.

Manifesting your goals and dreams are possible if you follow a few simple guidelines. You are not too old or too busy to create new circumstances for your life. Changes and transformations happen all the time, whether you’re up to it or not, so why not guide them in your favor? Hopefully these tips will also be a useful guide for trouble-shooting if you need them.


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