The Nutrition and Spirituality Connection


nutritionThis may not be my most popular article by far, but someone—somewhere, will find it beneficial (fingers crossed), and far more people should probably read it than are really interested. It’s one of those topics you have to be in a certain place in your life in order to fully welcome it.

By now you know I have a passion for cooking. If I wasn’t a psychic medium, I wonder if I would have opened my own restaurant by now. I used to wonder if I should have two blogs—one for psychic and empowerment issues and the other for my love of food. I struggled with it at the beginning, but it was made clear to me that nourishment is a mind-body-spirit matter, and I felt it important to share delicious, healthy food.

I was raised Italian style; “Eat, you’ll feel better.” Any emotion was centered around good eats. Food is something to celebrate with; it’s something to drown your tears in, calm your nerves and soothe the soul. I struggled with weight and health issues to the point that when I finally learned a different lifestyle, it took years to bounce back from the damage. Even as bigger girl, I always had an interest in holistic health and alternative ways, but it’s hard to shake off your innate heritage. Finally, I gave in to the fact that the answers to ill-felt emotions weren’t going to be found in fridge.

Paying attention to the body (at any weight), along with a little more education (knowledge is power), brings about a certain balance between the mind, body and spirit. When you listen to the body (getting beyond the voice that says “I want a donut”), it tells you what you really need—good whole food. Adding all those good veggies (organic or not) and proteins not only cut my cravings for the donut, but I soon realized my body was feeling better, my mind was clearer and my inner Zen was emerging. Even my intuitive abilities were improving. For years I’ve been moving toward a better mind-body-spirit alignment, opting for holistic answers but understanding that allopathic medicine has it’s place as well.

Some people who lean toward organic and holistic health do not always want feel lumped together with those who lean toward metaphysics and spiritual growth because they don’t always see that connection, but there most certainly is a very important thread running through it all that leads to a higher power.  We need to understand how related they really are to pull it all together. This was one of the biggest motivators for me to organize the SpiritNetwork Expo in south central PA. It’s a place where green vendors, holistic practitioners and psychic mediums can come together under one roof. There is it right there…they all cover the mind, body and spirit.

Simply put, good nutrition raises your vibrations, and you can hardly get off the ground with a donut! In fact, you may even need a nap. Admittedly, I will eat the donut on occasion, but I know longer have to associate that with an emotion I’m trying to hide from, de-stress about or celebrate with. If you have interests in being “greener” and more clear on all levels, but your stuck on those dreaded carbs, meditation is a very good accompaniment to any new health regimen you decide suits you best. It will get you in touch with what your body is telling you. Consider self-dialogue practices as well. Clear communication is not just for two people to share. We must correspond well with ourselves in order to meet our own needs. After all, no one is going to complete us. We must do that part ourselves!

If you would like to see some of my recipes, please visit the food category of this blog and stay tuned for many more to come.

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