Soul Mates and Karmic Relationships


A soul mate is one who you may have lived many lives with, but they are most definable by the harmony or connection you have together that transcends all human comprehension. A karmic relationship is one that may be two souls having some unfinished business to clean up, or some people might be brought into your life for you to learn and grow from.  Certain people might seem like soul mates at first, but if they came for lessons, they rarely stay in your life too long. Many life lessons are tougher than others of course, so it is important that you let go of any pain in order to see the lessons objectively so you can move on.

Soul mates come in all forms, and to answer one of my most asked questions, YES, you can have more than one! Parent-child, sibling, and best friends can all pair up as soul mates. In my article, “Did I Choose My Parents” you’ll see that you did, whether they were soul mates or through karmic needs. Yes, you can even have more than one romantic soul mate in the same life time, too. Most people are content with their family soul mates since they were fixtures from the day we could walk. Romantic relationships however, seem to be the source of angst for many singles today. The clock is always ticking, insecurities set in, and some people read way too many statics and surveys in Cosmopolitan magazine.

soul matesAs a psychic, I’m often put in the position of bearing bad news such as, “No, she is not your soul mate,” or after a break up “I don’t see a reunion working out.” It’s not always bad if it allows you to move on though, and fortunately, I am also able to deliver the opposite news as well. Every connection we have in this life happens for a reason, regardless how we define it. We can call some karmic (as in unfinished business and lessons) or soul mate connections, but we all cross paths for a reason. At some point in a relationship, we can define it better. All too often we get so blinded by the excitement of having made this connection that we prematurely put all the eggs in that one basket. This often leads to heart break when it didn’t live up to our hopes. In other cases, a relationship can go on well for years until someone’s energy changes and they no longer want the same things. That doesn’t mean you weren’t soul mates, by the way. This might sound scary, and I don’t want to put anyone on shaky ground, but even soul mates can break up. I’ve even seen them become toxic. On the flip-side I have also seen karmic relationships (not soul mates) make it work. No matter what is scheduled on your dance card, it still takes two to tango and there are no guarantees—even with something that looks like a sure thing.

It is the lucky few who meet their soul mates as school children. God blessed them! Let’s not assume they lead a charmed life though and don’t have other challenges to face, but it’s always nice to have a true partner to face them with, don’t you think? Others may not feel as lucky in love, but that doesn’t mean change isn’t in the wind. Much of the personal path we currently walk is comprised of what we agreed to before we were born as well as the choices we made once we got here. No matter how far you may stray from the life map you came here with, your spirit guides’ jobs are to get you back on track whether you’re single or with an unsuitable mate. If you are single, take this time to work on the self. When you change your own energies, you attract very different people! Most importantly, if you are not with your soul mate, live in the here and now, not in the past or in the fear of the future.


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