Protect Against Negative Energies


Negativity can come from a variety of sources. We pick up the vibes of everyone around us, as well as the environment where negative people have dwelled, and on rare occasion, those unearthly entities of a lower vibration. Negative energy can be sent to you through psychic attacks (people wishing you harm) and even through your own thoughts and reactions to situations that turn out poorly.  Fortunately, we can all pick up the good vibrations from the world around us, too.

EnergyEverything in the universe has energy. Everything radiates to some degree. Through age comes wisdom, but also through years of clients, I’ve found that we need to be more particular about what we choose to focus on. For instance, some people with challenging pasts choose to dwell on negatives because they are more familiar with them being part of their lives. All too often, people don’t even realize they have the choice to make change. The only challenge I would say we really feel less empowered about is when entities on the other side who are up to no good enter our realm. This can lead to active dwellings (haunting) or personal attachments that seem to follow someone.  Even then however, things can be done. Identifying which of the above is most relevant is the first order of business, and it can be a daunting task for my partner Cathi Hunt and I when we’re asked to do a clearing. You might be surprised at how many times the cause of the affliction is something completely different from what the client suspected.

Whether the diagnosis is the fact that you sit next Godzilla at the office, married a grump, or someone’s bad mojo is hanging overhead, there are things you can do by yourself to either clear it or at the very least lessen the effects. Here are six tips that might help you clear the air.

  1. One of the most popular go-to techniques is smudging your space as well as objects and people including yourself. This Native American tradition of cleansing unwanted spiritual energy is a ceremony performed with dried sage which is burned much like incense. The most popular material is California White Sage. It comes in bundled wands and loose like tea and is readily available online as well as stores that sell crystals and New Age products.
  2. Certain essential oils can also be used in clearing space. My personal favorite is Lavender which is very versatile. If you are Christian, take a little oil on your finger and draw crosses over doorways or anywhere you need it. Otherwise oils can be used in a variety of cleansing rituals. Do the research and decide what’s right for you.
  3. Candles can also be very effective. There are many options, too. Reiki-charged candles, ones that are blessed and created for protection. Chime candles are also popular in clearing bad mojo. For this you will burn one black candle until it goes out, then follow up with one white candle to replace the unwanted energy with positivity.
  4. Meditation and prayer helps connect you with the higher self and a higher source. Whether it’s gods and goddesses or Jesus and angels, you are not alone. You do need to state intentions though for the law of attraction to work. How can they hear you if you don’t speak out loud and clear?
  5. If you lean more towards Pagan and Wiccan cultures then consider spells of clearing and protection. The options are numerous and require careful study, so don’t take it lightly, and please always be careful. Make sure your intentions are clear and harm no one along the way.
  6. One of the most important tips I want to share is about your actions and reactions to negative forces around you—regardless of the source. They are so very crucial in the success of overcoming the unwanted energies put before you. If it’s Godzilla or the grump in your life, you need to find compassion in order to allow their behavior to stop effecting yours. It seems rather benign, but I still suggest you create some cleansing and protection so it doesn’t build up like an ugly residue. In the case of lower forces that might be a little more serious, it’s important that you stay composed and don’t show fear. You are bigger than anything that crosses your path. Believe it and own it.

Remember that the law of attraction does not discriminate. It can manifest your wildest dreams, but it can also fuel the fire of fears as well as your upsets. It’s just a matter of where you choose to focus your own energy. The negative thoughts are always a bad investment. Squish that stuff like a bug and look toward all the good things in your life with gratitude and belief there is plenty more where that came from!


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