Listening to Your Inner Voice


Hindsight is 20/20. How many times has hindsight shown you that you should have seen that coming? You could have predicted the outcome was going to be just like it happened, right? Then why didn’t you? There could be more than one answer to that, depending on the situation. Maybe you fall you into one of the most common categories below.

In far too many cases, people would rather stay in denial over situations they know in their gut is not a healthy one. Whether it’s a decadent ice cream sundae or a simple desire to be loved, the needs of the moment often outweigh the consequences for these personalities. Later, when you feel like crap, you may either blame yourself or someone else. The truth of the matter was the answers to the outcomes were already programmed into your core. You didn’t listen or maybe you just chose not to.

Or perhaps on the opposite spectrum of indulgence, you might be considered a bit too self-disciplined and controlling.  When the mind is trying so hard to keep life in order, you tend to shut out the inner voice inside or second-guess what you’re hearing, concluding that must wrong because it doesn’t coincide with your current plans.

Another category of personalities consider themselves ungifted and/or unlucky. You may feel helpless about life and dismiss the inner voice completely because you either don’t feel worthy of the information and good fortune or negativity has allowed you to conclude it’s all B.S. Most people who suffer from varying degrees of depression do not hear this voice. It’s still there but depression offers no hope or empowerment to make good use of this tool.

innervoiceEveryone is gifted with the voice inside them, but there is also a fundamental conflict. I call him “the blabber”. He’s the little on who’s been narrating your every move and thought since you were born. He weighs and measures every experience. When you can’t sleep at night and your thoughts are racing with no particular rhyme or reason, it’s the blabber you are conversing with and not the energy you should be connecting with. The blabber has its place, but he stands in the way of you and your higher self because you’ve allowed him such a major role in your life.

Reaching that higher plateau where stillness and peace reside is best achieved through meditation. There are many ways to meditate, but it’s more important that you overcome the challenges of the blabber and don’t give up on it. Almost anyone can reach the higher self. You’ve heard many of the health benefits about meditation, but the main stream rarely presents the spiritual balance that assists with these benefits, and they definitely don’t all talk about the psychic ability to be achieved either. The voice you’re looking for with your inner hear is soft and still. It’s gentle. When you hear it, you’ll be able to distinguish it clearly from the blabber which is part of the ego and not the spirit.

To achieve this higher-self communication, you must first correspond well with yourself. If you personally recognize some of the examples above that might hold you back, own up to it, and clear these blocks as best you can. Intention alone to do so helps tremendously. Empower yourself but have faith you aren’t alone. Bringing yourself to a higher level of awareness not only helps you clear out life’s cobwebs but making a habit of plugging into that small inner voice is going to help you make great choices in life with the confidence from knowing you made the right ones.


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