Psychic vs. Mediumship


At the risk of dating myself, I’ve been teaching and mentoring psychic and spiritual development for decades now. One of the things I see people struggle with is the use of the words “psychic” and ‘medium.” In many cases that can be interchangeable, but there is a distinct difference between psychic and mediumship gifts.

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?

medium vs psychicA medium serves as a channel for communication for the other side, be it loved ones or spirit guides, and while a medium can be intuitive, a pure psychic gift is given to someone who sensitive only on an intuitive level. One example of psychic work is remote viewing, as with the case where objects might be found in a remote or hidden location. Another one is predictive work that addresses outcomes of current issues and life circumstances. These messages are not coming from those on the other side—at least not on an obvious level. Pure mediumship is channeling information from the other side from loved ones and spirit guides. Some claim to channel angel energy, ascended maters and even extraterrestrial life.

I think the easiest way for me to put it is that psychic information seems to come from the higher self or a place within, while mediums are channeling an outside source. The line is a fine one and often a blurry one, and many have both abilities calling themselves psychic mediums. Some prefer the word “intuitive” now rather than “psychic” due the stigma of con artists who favor the word to abuse the industry. I’ll save that pet peeve for another time.

How do mediums and intuitives communicate?

There are four basic categories that defines specific talents although there are actually several more than these. “Clair” is a French word meaning “Clear.”

Clairvoyance – extrasensory data perceived as heightened sight
Clairaudience – extrasensory data perceived as sound
Clairsentience – extrasensory data coming from the emotions of others
Claircognizance – extrasensory data perceived as feeling or awareness

Mediumship usually applies to the first two above while Intuitive usually falls under the third and fourth categories. Again though, many people are multi-gifted, and some of them in fact, choose to strictly go one way or another in their work.

My goal in helping others to develop is to find their strengths first and tap into that particular talent. Once you break the ice in just the right place, the flood gates often open up! If you would like to explore your psychic self or simply listen to your gut for better life choices, please see my event calendar for more information about what you’ll learn and what this event can do for you! . I also offer private mentoring for the more serious student via phone, Skype and in person.


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