Where is the Karma, the Justice?


We’ve all thought it. We’ve all asked karma to come at least once. I would be lying if I didn’t admit it myself. Hoping that someone might get what’s coming to them and even being there to witness it is a very common thought. We already know it’s not our place to dole it out, but wanting to see pain inflicted by karma—even when we feel it’s justified is not of a spiritual nature. It’s of a human nature. It’s okay to be human, but we came here in part to evolve the human race, didn’t we? Racism and greed are also part of our culture, but most us know we’d be far better off without them. Still, some things are hard to get beyond.

My cousin was brutally murdered in the 1980s, and I attended the trial of two men who tortured him before leaving him to die alone in a field. I remember one day during the trial, one of the murderers came in to the courtroom in his shackles and hand cuffs giving everyone in court the finger as he made his way to the defense table. How do you justify such an animal in your heart? I found myself praying for the death penalty which I didn’t even believe in. Both are sitting on death row for three decades now. Both were granted new trials and both convicted again. My aunt and uncle crossed over waiting for justice, but I know as angry as they were, being with their son now has healed their wounds.

promokarmaIt is not for us to say how or when karma takes effect, and over the years I’ve learned that karma is not about getting what you deserve anyway. It’s about getting what you NEED. Faith asks you to trust in something invisible. It asks you to simply trust and believe. It’s not always easy to do that, but with time and patience we learn that the universe works.

The universe keeps all things in balance and Archangel Metatron oversees the list of checks and balances. The Law of Karma executes the actions to bring things back into balance. We try desperately to understand things that are too big for our limited human brains to wrap around. Hence, that faith thing comes in handy.

So what are we supposed to do? For a good start, we can watch our thoughts. Since every thought is a pray, it’s not a big stretch to unintentionally wish harm on someone when we are emotionally affected by their actions. In turn, we have started our own chain of karma. Can we turn these feelings into compassion? I believe we can, but it takes a lot of practice and a determination to do so. That last one is important, because some people really don’t want to let go of it.

To understand ills of another person can go along way. It’s important to change your perspective to that of an unbiased outsider looking in on why some people do what they do. Maybe they are mentally or emotionally unstable. I prefer to see that instead of pure evil. It leaves room for love, compassion and forgiveness. Keep faith alive.



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