Your Guardian Angels


guardianangelWe all have them, but are guardian angels the same as spirit guides? Not exactly. Each play very important roles in your earth life, but those roles are very different indeed. Simply put, guardian angels GUARD and spirit guides GUIDE. In this article, I will focus on those who guard you and save the guides for another post.

Many people, as I do, believe that we have two guardian angels. Each stands behind your right and left shoulders. Perhaps this is a symbolic gesture to catch you when you fall. Some also believe there is one male and one female and they are like brother and sister or even twins. This fact or fiction is not as important to me as long as someone has my back!

Your guardian’s main purpose is to make sure that you do not cross back over to Heaven before the agreed upon time. We often hear stories about how someone felt lifted out of harm’s way just in the nick of time or how they missed the train that derailed. There were hundreds of accounts from people who were supposed to be at the World Trade Center one fateful day, but for one reason or another they didn’t make it. Certain souls have already agreed to go home again at a certain time or event, and the guardians need to make sure others are not with them.

Do they ever fail? I’m not sure we’ll know that until we get back home ourselves. It is hard not to wonder though why they let bad things happen if they are watching over our safety and welfare. There is an explanation for that. Whatever sacred contracts were made between you and God (or whatever you call your higher source) is not to be tampered with by spirit guides or guardian angels. We agreed to come here to be challenged, and in whatever those particular challenges may be for this lifetime, they cannot tamper with it. Now that sounds a little gloomy and doomy I know, but it’s still nice to know you are unconditionally loved by those wonderful beings. It’s even nicer to feel that love.

Connecting to these higher beings on a more conscious level takes practice for a beginner, but you can achieve it with time and patience. Meditation and prayer is the very best way to connect with guardians and guides. With my guardian angels, I simply thank them for being with me. I ask nothing more than what they already do. I simply send gratitude because as we all know, it’s just nice to be appreciated. In return I do feel that love. Remember this simple rule: The more gratitude you throw out into the ethers, the more the universe will give you back to be grateful for.

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