A Detox for your Intuitive Abilities


Bloated, drained and a bad case of the I-don’t-feel-like-its? That’s no way for me to do a successful psychic reading! But the blahs happen to most of us now and then. If you are especially interested in your intuitive development or spiritual growth, the first step is to stay in touch with yourself. That’s right. We must correspond with ourselves and listen to what our bodies are telling us so that we can get into and stay in alignment.

detoxThe first thing to examine is what kind of fuel we’re putting in the tank. Foods that are rich in fat, sugar and salt are the biggest problems keeping us unhealthy in mind, body and spirit. When one of those elements goes offline, the others tend to follow. Alcohol consumption can also pose a threat to your psychic awareness, and I stay very mindful of my social intake. If alcohol is a problem for you, then overcoming this challenge must be your top priority. For many of us though, it’s the carbs and fats we eat as well as portion sizes. I’m not here to put everyone on a diet, but I do want to share my regimen for when I go overboard and maintenance. This list really comes in handy after the holidays!

  • Vitamins and minerals are not topics I cared much about before I hit my 50’s, but I don’t live in denial. As we age we do deplete them as our bodies reach into the reserves we have stored until we’re simply exhausted, so it’s important to replenish them on a regular basis. I only wish I had started a regimen at a younger age, so if you’re in your thirties or forties, consider it!
  • Every six months, I go on a round of probiotics for a month. You may have heard of them as the good bacteria fighting the bad bacteria in your belly which aids in your digestion and keeps the gut healthy. They are also important to take after a round of antibiotics (notice the “pro” and “anti”). The better ones are a little more expensive but in most cases well-worth the price. I will leave the research to you so you can make informed choices for your own situation.
  • I find herbs to be very beneficial when I’m feeling a bit off. I admit I do like my coffee, but I also like herbal teas. I am not always picky on which ones do what. Mix it up! Consider either growing the herbs yourself or buying them loose and making a tea blend for yourself. I am not a big fan of most grocery shelf teas and prefer organic, unadulterated products. If it’s convenience you need though, Numi Organic Tea has a nice assortment box you can buy online.
  • Stress outlets like exercise and meditation are very important. Sometimes we put forth more effort on our physiques and ignore what we can’t see, like the mind and spirit. Exercise doesn’t have to be a grueling though either. Even a leisurely ten minute walk can really clear the cobwebs. While you should already be meditating for your development, there are many other ways to help you de-stress. Dedicate yourself to your own happiness!
  • Positivity is also very important for your connection with spirit. Live each day to the fullest and maintain a spiritual practice and outlook. It’s next to impossible to be upbeat through every challenge that comes along, but if we stay mindful, we can create an excellent habit that will help us most when we need it. You can find some helpful ideas in my article 10 Life Hacks to Stay Positive.

When you are feeling particularly blue, lethargic, or just feeling that your sixth sense is out of whack, consider this as a check list which can help you come back into balance.  Avoid quick fix cleansings and opt for the gentle and natural methods to realign. There is a rhythm to life and the universe. Everyone of us is part of that beat. It’s our nature to be in harmony, so stay aware of what your body and inner voice are telling you.


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