The Truth about Curses


Did someone put a curse on you or your family? It’s almost scary how many clients come to me to remove a curse because they’ve been told that there is a curse over their head or on their family, and now nothing goes right. They all say it with the same desperation in their eyes. Do I believe in curses? Well, yes and no.

I believe in positive and negative energy because we label everything. The fact is that energy is just energy. We often create how it interacts. If you put a lot of emphasis on a curse for example, then it exists simply because you believed in it. Unfortunately, this would mean you took part in putting a curse on yourself because you believed in what someone else said. It’s amazing what the mind can do. Never-the-less, if you believe it, then it’s very real to you!

Without a doubt, there are gifted people who work with energy, and they can heal with it, send light with it or wish bad situations upon others with it. If you choose not to accept the unwanted energy, then you have neutralized it. In fact, sending healing energy to someone who doesn’t wish to be healed also neutralizes the effects. It is always yours to accept or reject. In most cases, the results involve both the sender and the receiver, but let us not forget that many people are “told” they have been cursed for their own hidden agenda. This doesn’t actually mean anyone sent you bad mojo at all!

If you believe a curse of bad luck and misfortune has come upon you, then your focus would be better spent on getting a handle on this energy by working on your perspective and the energy you are working with. People who tend to generate fear can easily be taken advantage of by others. I’m talking about situations that can range from dating scams to palm-reading gypsy types. They all throw their lines in the water and eventually they get lucky with a good-sized fish. If you’ve been taken by others for money or curses, believe me you aren’t alone. Some people with ill-intent are very good at what they do. If they weren’t, they would get an honest career. While there is no shame in asking spirit for an honest living doing mediumship and energy work, it’s very sad that people are preyed upon for personal gain. Thank goodness Karma knows where everyone lives.


I have helped people change the energy around them for a fee, but don’t let anyone tell you it will cost a pile of money to lift it!  Additionally, there are ways to dispel the energy all by yourself through prayer and mediation and some of the very same cleansing rituals you might use to spiritually cleanse a home or dwelling. Some of these techniques include burning sage, using oils, gemstones, prayer beads and candles.

Don’t indulge in the negative or the fear. Use visualization to change it to a positive white light in your life. The most important and effective method you’ll need to use is to have the belief than YOU are strong than IT can every be. Empower yourself and watch those situations turn around!


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