Did I Choose My Parents?


parentsSometimes I think karma is a fickle friend. It can work in our favor sometimes, and seems to work against us at other times, but the reality for any given lifetime is that we don’t get what we deserve, we actually get what we need. The short answer is YES, we do choose our parents before birth, but I always hesitate to say we actually choose them because I see it more as we agreed to them.

We don’t map out the earth life all on our own. We’ve already met most of our spirit guides before we got here. They and other entities take part in the life review and help set up the next adventure. The tools we’ll need for our life are examined as well as the human people who will help us with learning lessons. We also agree to take part in the lessons of others. It’s all in balance, even though it doesn’t always look that way.

We all have soul groups. These are spirits we have shared several incarnations with in most cases, although you might have members you interact with more on the other side. Some spirits don’t reincarnate as often as others. It all depends on what you need for the lesson plans ahead. From this soul group your parents du jour will be chosen and in this role they will get something they need to evolve their soul as well.

Many people are most definitely blessed with the parents they have—offering a comfortable childhood filled with all the nurturing needed to grow into healthy adults. This does not imply that challenging childhoods are not a blessing though. They were agreed upon to help us grow and out of adversity comes tremendous growth. People who seemingly have more advantages often get better educations and help societies of all kinds in many ways. People who grow from difficult beginnings often have empathetic, nurturing hearts that allow them to make great contributions to others because of what they’ve been through themselves. It’s not the rule, but it often works out that way.

Parents are part of your soul group whether they came to play tough roles or bond tightly. Either way, it contributes to who you are today and all that you can be. Not only did you choose or agree to your parents, but the same applies in your down-line. You agreed to your children as well! Good, bad, ugly or indifferent, it is important to know that the parent-child relationship doesn’t come from paybacks of the previous life. It really comes from what is going to offer the tools that help you the most in this life time.

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