Make that Crazy Full Moon Work for YOU!


The spirit of the full moon brings out a special kind of crazy, doesn’t it? Let’s examine the full moon first before I get ahead of myself.

fullmoonThe lunar phase of the full moon is when the face of it looks completely illuminated by the sun from Earth’s vantage point as the moon and sun align above us. This usually occurs once each month but sometimes more often. Depending on the date or how many times in one month it happens, the moon might be called a Blue moon, a Hunter’s moon, or a Harvest moon among other names. The purpose of this article is not about those particulars as much as the energies the moon offers us.

Metaphysical people are not the only ones who notice that there is more than meets the eye. Just ask any ER nurse and they will tell you how they dread working during this moon phase! Many cultures around the world celebrate the moon. Wiccans perform full moon rituals and magic and Hindus even hold festivals in its honor. We’ve all probably witnessed the effects the moon has on people. Sometimes the craziness is not so enjoyable, but none-the-less if there is focus, much can be achieved during this phase to cleanse our lives and align the mind, body and spirit.

There is no doubt about the emotional side of a the full moon, but it also brings about positivity, healing and personal growth. While you can see it’s emotional affects, imagine all of the other energy you can’t see pouring down from the moon. The full moon amplifies emotion, so crazy gets crazier and upsets of the day become anger, but so does happiness become joy. Whatever you choose to amplify on a mindful note can help your life tremendously. It’s actually an ideal time to assess your current life path, finish projects you’ve already started and make some changes by letting go of what no longer works for you.

Staying mindful will be a good first step. So basically, be sure you don’t get too upset and stay positive (even through the upsets of others) during the full moon as well as the day before and after since the energies are also well in effect at those times. Once you have mastered that, consider these ideas to help this moon phase help you.

  1. Express gratitude to the Universe for all the blessings you have without dwelling on what you haven’t learned from or let go of. I’ll talk about this next. Communicating love and counting your blessings boomerangs back at you in the most wonderful ways.
  2. Meditate for a few minutes and bring forward the past you may find painful, but do it in a loving way as not to get you overly emotional. Have a self-dialog about why you haven’t let go and understand that the moon can help you heal. Ask it and your inner child to help you release and forgive as this no longer serves your life or your future.
  3. Make a list of the things you need to get done vs. the projects you need leave behind. Don’t regret any of it. It all came about for reasons, but not every idea is supposed to work out. Use this exercise as an opportunity to clean house (so to speak). It makes room for new!

Clearing out the cobwebs in your life are most effective during the full moon. As you use its energy, it is so important not to play the blame game. It’s very much like cleaning out your closets and finding all of those gadgets you wasted hard-earned money on. Say “so what? I leave it in the past” and throw it in the trash knowing you certainly had good intentions at the time! Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others during this moon phase. I know that might sound a little silly to some, but if you want to amplify anything, best to offer the moon something positive to work with. All the best with your new cleansing journey!


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