What Spirit Guides DON’T Tell You


I get so many questions about spirit guides and what they actually do for us. It can be a little confusing at times, especially when we feel stuck in life circumstances. That’s when we usually ask where the heck they went off to! Each guide plays a very specific roles in our lives. Some are here to help us with our health and well-being, others offer life lessons and new perspectives that we need to grow from. There are those who help us through grief and others that assist in our goals. Many of my readers are familiar with my spirit guide Ioshi because he helped me channel the Ioshi Oracle Cards. He resides in a very far-reaching dimension and is a very evolved entity. He helps me with spiritual growth matter, but I don’t often connect with him on my terms. He seems to come when he wants to! Thank goodness I have others a little closer watching the game of life.

When I read for someone and call upon their guide, it is most often the one working with this person at that time in their life who steps forward to greet me. This means that the ones not as needed at the time are—for the lack of a better phrase—on stand-by. While it’s very important to know what they will do for us and the messages they convey,  it’s just as important to understand what they don’t do or say. The roles of your guides collectively are to get you to the right time and place for agreed upon events. Do not assume however, that they will tell you what to do when you get there!

We came here to make many free will choices. Sometimes we might make the wrong ones (guilty!), but it’s never to late to change the course of life even though we cannot erase the past. Okay that’s a whole other blog post. Spirit guides are not just guiding us. They are also supporting us. So let’s say they have guided us to an agreed upon crossroad where we have to make a new career choice. They might help by having the right job prospects open up in a timely fashion, but you choose which ads to answer. That free will is yours alone, and they will not tell you which job to take if you are offered a choice. If we were blindly led around by our spirit guides, then what would be the reason to be here on Earth? Our choices are what helps us grow and we will be supported by your guides as long as we intend to harm no one.

neverwalkaloneDon’t think for a minute that your guides will leave you stranded to struggle with a challenge. You have agreed to many of them, and as long as you are safe, they will leave you to work it out. However, if you do ask for guidance with a decision you need to make, they will help show you what might be a better outcome, perhaps by suddenly making one route much less desirable or inspiring you to go another way. They still won’t make the free will decision for you though. Asking for the help, meditating upon the situation and staying interactive is crucial. Sometimes answers come from coincidences and other times it comes from within. In order for them to help us we must help ourselves and meet them half way. If you need a new job for example, but you aren’t proactive in your search, there is little they can do to make that happen for you. Actions speak louder than words and they are only following your lead (or lack of it).  I am sure if they had emotions the way we do, many of them would get frustrated when we don’t cooperate! In hind sight, there were times in my own life where I think I am lucky they didn’t ask God for a different assignment! I’m sure I wasn’t always the easiest client.

If you don’t think you know your guides, don’t worry. You definitely do know them on a higher level. Trust that you do have a relationship with them. With God, His angels and spirit guides, you are never walking alone. You must understand though that there is a delicate balance between happening to life and letting life happen to you. Do your part and have faith. The universe works!

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