The Versatility of Lavender


Ahh lavender. Let me share one of my passions. I love the color. I love the scent. I love the taste! The waiting area in my office is lavender with a matching purple bathroom. I have an organic herb garden in my bay window with three lavender plants as the centerpiece. I think lavender is one of the most spiritual colors because it’s close to the amethyst purple of the crown chakra (the spiritual connection) and the pink of the heart chakra (love and compassion). It hardly gets better than connecting to the universe with love and compassion!

Sometimes lavender is used as a topical on the skin, and in some forms it is ingested. There are so many incredible ways to enjoy this versatile plant, but in any way you choose to use lavender, be certain you are using a quality grade. If you are planning to ingest it, make sure that it’s organic and has not been sprayed with pesticides. Also you might want to consult your physician if you are pregnant before using any herbs. Herbs used in cooking are minute compared the larger amounts used for herbal remedies and it has been said this can have an adverse effect on a pregnancy although I have not heard anything specific about Lavender being a problem in that regard.

In the essential oil world, lavender is used for its healing properties and its calming qualities. Many people use it as their go-to oil or scent because it just seems to soothe the mind, body and the soul as it naturally brings everything into balance. I never take any feel-good thing for granted! For specific ailments, it is often blended with other oils. I also use the oil for cleansing rituals when I burn sage.

lavWhen not in bloom, the plant itself is not much to smell at first sniff, but if you gently rub a leaf between your fingers then smell your finger tips, the oil offers an intoxicating scent just like you would expect from the flowers. I cut small sprigs off the plant and make lavender soup. It’s simply organic vegetable or chicken broth brought to a boil with the lavender leaves and a pinch of salt. And yes, the leaves are edible right off the plant. Even if you have the chopped, dried flowers, you can place them in a tea ball and let them steep in the broth for a delicious clear soup that could rival even the snobbiest consommé.

I also buy organic dried herbs online and make my own teas. My private stock is called SpiritualiTea: two parts lavender, one part lemongrass and one part chamomile. I make the blend in batches to store in a jar that will last me several months. Steep the tea for ten minutes. It’s a very flowery aroma and equally good hot or iced. Not only is the lavender relaxing, it can also relieve headaches in a more natural way than reaching for a bottle of pills.

Here’s a few other lavender ideas…

  • Dried flowers in bundles are very pretty anywhere in the home and they have a cleansing effect with energies passing through. It also makes a great potpourri for the same purpose.
  • Since Lavender essential oil is one of the most gentle oils to work with, a few drops in a bath is rejuvenating and dab a little in your hair for a lasting scent.
  • A drop of oil on your pillow helps your rest better, and lavender eye pillows help relieve stress during meditation or sleep.
  • Crush the dried flowers and add to a salad or almost anywhere you might add herbs. It goes exceptionally well with dried mint!
  • If you like to bake, add lavender to your lemon cookies or make lavender scones. I’ll give you my address.
  • If crafty is your style, make lavender soap, bath salts, or keep your clothes smelling awesome with herbal sachets for dresser drawers.

Because good grades of lavender can be hard to find, I’m including some links here to buy it online. I have purchased all of these myself, and I like Aura Cacia very much. They’ve make quality herbal products for many years.

Aura Cacia Air Fresh Spritz Lavender 6 oz. – use this spritzer as a body mist, freshen the air or spray the sheets!

Aura Cacia Organic Essential Lavender .25 oz

Organic Lavender Flowers from Starwest Botanicals

Be sure to look for organic lavender plants at your local greenhouse. Also look online for many recipes and crafts. Lavender is a versatile ingredient for any life-style. Consider incorporating it into your family’s lives every day for better balance in mind, body and spirit!

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