Raise Awareness with Mindless Meditation


Many people don’t realize they meditate every day in different ways. While deliberately setting aside 20 minutes each day for meditation can be very healthy, many other daily activities count not only for health, but in assisting us to sharpen our intuitive senses by putting us in the zone.

mindlessmedI had a reading once with the minister who married my husband and I, Rev. Brown (to clarify, he read for me). I asked him how he developed his own gifts, and he said that as a child, it was his job to play the piano in church. He was always bored sitting on the bench each Sunday. There was a mirror in front of the keyboard and he used to watch people and have dialogs in his head about them. At some point he would ask questions and get answers. He said to me that in hind sight, he had ten years of development and didn’t even know it! I think it was the same for me in some ways. My grandmother taught me how to crochet at an early age. I spent countless hours making things. Most of them were butt-ugly and nothing really came out right until I was an adult, but never the less I enjoyed it. Right now I am making a pair of slipper boots. If each slipper comes out the same size, then I’m a happy camper. I also spent a lot of time as a child doing arts and crafts, and much of that time was spent alone while I waited for my mother to come home from work. I believe we all do mindless activities every day that are very beneficial. Perhaps you do many mindless activities that contribute to your spiritual growth and psychic abilities and don’t realize it, or maybe you’d like to do something new. Consider the following list:


  • cleaning dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming
  • organizing a sock drawer, cleaning out the basement
  • walking in the park, on the treadmill
  • Zumba, running, dancing
  • painting your fingernails
  • polishing silver or cleaning your jewelry
  • arts and crafts: yarn work, sculpting, beading
  • doodling, drawing, painting
  • woodworking and whittling
  • listening to music, creating music
  • cooking and baking
  • showering and brushing your teeth



mindlessmed2That was just a short list of the many mundane tasks we perform that take us into the mindless realm, and all of it holds some value. They add to our overall well-being and rejuvenate our psychic abilities. For instance, sitting in the waiting room offers the opportunity for the mind to take a break and to just let it wander. In fact, many of our most psychic moments happen during these activities. Adding deliberate meditation to this can only enhance our abilities to listen to the messages that we all get from our higher selves the spirit world.

Most people just need to get out of their own way. Recognize that what we pull down [from above] in the form of messages is not about needing to look around to be sure you don’t miss some kind of sign. It’s actually about letting go of that need to control. We get our messages in the space between thoughts. There is nothingness in the realm that we communicate in. It’s light and dark all at the same time. If you stay mindful about being mindless, it will help your spiritual development to further unfold organically!

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