Connecting with Archangel Michael


This is the second in a series of Archangel posts. Please see more in the Angels and Spirit Guides section of the archives.

Archangel Michael is probably the most well-known angel of all. He is most noted for bringing courage to us in times of need. Perhaps we are often in times of need and he represents the strength and the bravery we can draw on for our own circumstances. Michael can be found in many major religions such as Catholicism, Judaism,  Islam and Eastern Orthodox. Many believers feel they have a very close relationship to Michael and mediums around the world claim to channel his energy and offer messages perhaps more than with any other archangel.

archmichaelMichael is one of the few archangels who came to Earth, and although I could not find reference to his being canonized, he is also called Saint Michael in Catholicism, patron of the Chosen People in the Old Testament and protector of the church. Michael has many other roles. He is the leader of God’s army who triumphs over evil in the Book of Revelations. He is also the Angel of Death who ushers the souls of the deceased to Heaven and giving those who need it, a chance for redemption at the hour of death.

While he will always hold his traditional roles, Archangel Michael has become an even bigger symbol in these modern times of spiritual enlightenment. Those who do energy work often call on his healing abilities as they do their work. Mediums are channeling him and calling upon his strength when a client feels weak. Even people who are otherwise considered rather secular are speaking his name and asking for guidance, courage to get through transitions and to rid them of negative situations. In general, there seems to be an angelic revival over the last few decades, and Michael is leading the charge.

How to connect with Saint Archangel Michael

Meditation and prayer are the doorways to your relationship with all angelic beings. You can customize almost any written meditation to connect with him, but be sure to invoke him by name. You can be ritualistic by lighting candles in his honor, and perhaps even having a statue of his likeness, but be sure you are sitting in a quiet place with no distractions when you meditate or pray so that your focus is not divided.

Personally I like to use my own words. Don’t be afraid of speaking your heart. If you lean toward more traditional prayer, here is a common one to Michael used in the Catholic church.

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend me from battle;
Be my safeguard
against the malice and snares
of the negative seen or unseen energy forces.

Rebuke the negative energy forces oh God
I humbly beseech you,
and do thou oh prince of the heavenly host,
by the Divine Power of God
thrust into the darkness,
all the negative seen and unseen energy forces,
and all of the ugly spirits who wander about the world
seeking the ruination of souls.

In Jesus Christ’s name I pray,
who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit
One God
forever and ever.


Here is another for personal protection

St. Michael, the Archangel! Glorious Prince, chief and champion of the heavenly hosts; guardian of the souls of men; conqueror of the rebel angels! How beautiful art thou, in thy heaven-made armor. We love thee, dear Prince of Heaven!

We, thy happy clients, yearn to enjoy thy special protection. Obtain for us from God a share of thy sturdy courage; pray that we may have a strong and tender love for our Redeemer and, in every danger or temptation, be invincible against the enemy of our souls. O standard-bearer of our salvation!

Be with us in our last moments and when our souls quit this earthly exile, carry them safely to the judgment seat of Christ, and may Our Lord and Master bid thee bear us speedily to the kingdom of eternal bliss. Teach us ever to repeat the sublime cry: “Who is like unto God?”


Many things can happen to validate your connection. Michael is very blunt and to the point. If you tell him your problems or what you might need courage to get through, he will answer. He’s a very strong communicator and some people even hear his voice, but if nothing black and white happens, don’t be disappointed. You may find that your circumstance change quickly or what troubled you no longer matters. You may see great “coincidences” occur in your life as a result of your communications. No matter what you see or don’t see, hear or don’t hear, faith is what is most asked of you from the angels.


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