The Power of the New Moon


newmoonThe universal meaning of the new moon is about beginnings. As the moon goes through its phases, so do people. Just consider how some people act when the moon is full. It seems to be a favorite time for people to bring out their special brand of crazy, but we tend to neglect the other phases of the moon and how they affect us. From new to crescent, full and back again, each phase has significance and offers energy that we can harness. The new moon offers the opportunity for new beginnings in your life. It inspires us to make change for the better. Each moon is a little bit different according to the current astrological influences, but every new moon is a chance for cleansing the old and allowing the new to come into focus. It has been said that starting new projects at the new moon will bring about a successful outcome.

While you can make the free will choice to transform something in your life every day of the year, the new moon offers an energy that will boost your current intentions. Make sure they are positive ones though, and be especially careful what you put out into the ethers during a new moon!

So where do you start?

Some people are very ritualistic with the moon in all phases. For example, those who walk pagan-related paths tend to be very connected to the earth in relation to the moon, sun and stars. While I often pay attention to the moon phases, I am not fully invested in rituals or chants. However you choose to celebrate this energy though, the best place to start is by defining your intentions. You can do this while you’re driving to work, during a meditation or sitting at an alter burning candles. The key component is to communicate with moon. That sounds crazy, right? I mean you can’t even see a new moon! Never-the-less, it is a living and breathing entity in our universe, and to completely take advantage of the blessings before you, you must work with the Law of Attraction. The moon is one of the most LoA-friendly tools you have to work with!

As the old saying goes, change begins within. If you are ready to shift the energy within yourself, there are few better times like the new moon to create solid goals, make a vision board, write a list of positive affirmations, pray and meditate on your dreams, and if you have been procrastinating on projects, you might find the moon inspiring to get moving! If you’ll type prayers to the new moon into your favorite search engine, you’ll find some great prayers to recite aloud. Add you own touch and include your goals. There are many ideas online to manifest your goals in a way that suits you best. Enjoy the successful blessings of the moon!


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