10 Ways to Boost your Psychic Abilities


This statement may be getting cliché, but everyone has a gift. We’re simply raised in a society that doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on the matter so more often it goes neglected. Some people have different gifts than others. There are people who channel healing energy (i.e., Reiki) and some who hear (clairaudient) or see (clairvoyant) those in the spirit world. Then of course there is just that “feeling” or “knowing” type of psychic energy. In my workshop, Opening Up Your Intuitive Self and in my one-on-one mentoring program, I teach all of these psychic and mediumship techniques to see where each person shines. Some people already know before they come to me, but then others are quite surprised to find their niche is somewhere they didn’t expect. The tips and techniques I am going to share with you are the reader’s digest version of enhancing your natural abilities. Wherever your hidden talents lay, these suggestions will help you bring them about.

  1. oyisMeditate two or three times each week. I could easily make this topic numbers 1 through 5. It’s absolute KEY in raising your personal vibrations. With higher energy, we are more in touch with the universe and all it has to offer. In fact, I won’t take on a mentoring student unless they are willing to do it. I realize there might be many obstacles that keep you from trying, but you must try to keep trying. While I will add more on the topic in a future post, let me address the most common issues people have. Time without distractions is a big one, but you have to create it. You can’t be in a stressful mood.  Do it in the morning or just before dinner rather than before bed when you know you’re just going to fall asleep. Try a guided meditation so someone else’s voice can talk you through it. And most importantly, be patient! It is common for this to take several sessions before you feel successful and too many people give up just short of the goal line..
  2. Mind. De-stress and find your Zen! Okay, I realize that might not be realistic in all cases, but control what you can. Resolve conflicts that keep you stressed out. Dismiss the drama in your life, and don’t be the creator of drama in your life! When you make peace and harmony your ultimate goal, life has a way of working out.
  3. Body. Maintain healthy habits. You don’t have to be ultra fit to take care of yourself and we can’t control all of our ailments, but we can examine all the processed sugar, soda consumption, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco use. Cut back where you can or chose one good habit to replace a bad one each month. Big or small, in one year that’s twelve changes! Drinking lots of water, eat REAL food and keep the body moving when you can. Remember that your body is the instrument in which messages flow.
  4. Spirit. Nurture your spiritual side. Learn Buddhism, a new pagan path or other spiritual topics that peak your interest. Aside from all the obvious benefits, Psychic abilities can be a side effect of spiritual growth, so enhance your relationship with the higher source and you will also create further awakening.
  5. It’s okay to be wrong! All too often we dismiss messages. “Oh that can’t possibly be right!” Then if we are lucky enough to find out it was correct, holy cow! Most people tend to train themselves to dismiss messages and eventually they just stop listening. Believe in yourself. You won’t always be right, it’s true—neither is the most seasoned professional. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is actually getting out of your own way.
  6. Stretch your imagination. Day dreaming is a free form meditation. Allow yourself some time to look out the window and drift into other worlds. Do you remember your imaginary friend from your childhood? Call them by name and catch up on old times, or make new friends! It literally sounds childish, but the imagination game is a very useful tool that will lead to you closer to bringing forth spirit guides and angelic beings for some informative conversations.
  7. Challenge yourself. The next time you plan to go somewhere you’ve never been, sit for a few minutes beforehand and do a visualization exercise with your mind’s eye. Take a pen and paper and write down what you’ll see inside the building. What color are the walls going be when you get there? Will there be seating and how will it be laid out? What color will the person who greets you be wearing? The list goes on. When you leave, compare your answers to what you observed.
  8. Challenge yourself some more. Psychometry is a great development tool. What I’m talking about is the art of getting information or a “vibe” from an object. Ask a friend to lend you an object they know the history of. It can be a family heirloom, or a simple something from their office. Do a short mediation while holding the object and focus on allowing it to offer you information. It might come to you in the form of emotions, words, pictures or even sounds. Ask your friend to validate what you receive. Some people get correct information the first time, but it might take a few tries. Don’t get frustrated. Do the same with your friend and just have fun with it.
  9. Protect your energy field. When I do my work, I always say a little prayer to my guides. I ask for white light to surround me (and my clients/students). This is simply a protective measure that no dark energy will lurk about. It is not meant to scare you, just inform. There will always be darkness, and we must acknowledge its existence in order that we always work with the light. Also be sure to thank your guides for continued protection. Acknowledgement and gratitude allows for interaction and the development of your relationship.
  10. Practice. There comes a point in time when you may feel you have done all the right things for your abilities to emerge, but you aren’t where you’d like to be on an intuitive level. It happened to me and I’ve seen it many times since. If you happen to have higher goals than listening to your gut for better life choices, then you have to keep practicing and pushing your own envelope. These little exercises need to lead to little readings, taking more risks, having faith and getting out of your own way!


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