Are you a Lightworker?


As long as you help humanity in some way, you probably qualify for the title of Lightworker. However, there are certain people who live and breathe the very definition. I’m not aware of who coined the term, but a Lightworker is regarded as one who selflessly helps the other creatures of this earth. They are given this name to indicate that they are beings of light. Love and light emanate from within. We are all supposed to shine our heart lights. Some never get to do this because they fail to overcome a dysfunctional existence, instead giving into addictions, indulgent behaviors and other results of their life challenges. We are certainly not able to help others if we can not help ourselves. It’s a sad truth, but for whatever the reason, at some point we all get “unstuck.” Often it’s these very people who Lightworkers are attracted to.

lightworkersFor Lightworkers living up to the task, there is a certain calling in many people to help others directly and indirectly. Some find a need to be the voice for those that don’t have one while others pursue careers in various health fields. In the holistic sciences we can include those who practice and teach yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, herbology, etc. Even legitimate psychics and mediums are called to help humanity! We all came to Earth to give, but devout missionaries and other people who give tirelessly to a life of volunteerism are a rare breed in human kind. Some people only attach the term to metaphysical healers, but I say poppycock! Yeah, I said that. There is no reason that the main stream givers should be excluded. A calling is a calling, no matter what path you choose to make a difference in the world. Some givers may be more enlightened spiritually than others, but love is love.

Lightworkers of all kinds have a sense of urgency to help and sometimes a frustration because they can’t do enough. They have the innate need to make the world a better place. Do you have such a calling? Is it so strong that you’ve done something about it? This calling usually comes from the strongest of empaths. An empath is simply someone who has empathy for mankind and other creatures. They are very sensitive to not only those around them, but they feel other people’s ailments deeply in the heart. These are people who shouldn’t even watch the news too often. It is important to help the world, but it is equally important to protect one’s self. We did not come here to exhaust our internal resources. Love and kindness should be infinite.

People who are attracted toward helping others in some way have a deep understanding that we are all connected just as outstretched branches come from the same tree trunk. When this understanding cannot be ignored, you will and must do something because it’s most likely a sacred contract that you agreed to before you were born. So if you aren’t currently making that difference, where do you start? Decide what really tugs at your heart as you read the following choices: animals, children, battered woman, elderly, homeless, health care. Okay, does something stand out here? Then you have your start. Whether it’s volunteerism or embarking on a new career, find your local or national resources assisting that category and get moving on your personal growth as you help others.

When we extend our God-given gift to others and help them even in the smallest way, our own life changes for the better. It’s the universal law of cause and effect. It’s amazing how many challenges in your life simply iron out or completely disappear…as it should be!

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