10 Life Hacks to Stay Positive


Recently on my Facebook page, I posted a graphic that read: “Abracadabra” is actually a Hebrew word meaning “I create what I speak.”

I just wish it as easy as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

negativeAre you a caregiver? Suffering from loss? Have to deal with difficult family members or situations? It’s hard to maintain an upbeat attitude under circumstances that give us little choice but to just get through them the best we can. But just like people who actually thrive on negative energies (and we all know one), we do have choices, even when they are not so easy to stick to.

It should be no secret to most that what we put into the universe is what we get back. Throw out all kinds of negative thoughts and behaviors all day, every day and see how your life develops over time. Negative people often have negative lives and even poor health, but difficult circumstances are thrown at positive people all the time. It has been said in many ways by many religions and belief systems that happiness is a choice, not a result—that you must choose to be happy to truly experience it. For some this is easier said than done with all the negatives that many of us need to deal with, but we came to this Earth school for life lessons after all. We can’t control everything, but we can control how we react to just about everything. I am the first to raise my hand to say I am guilty of jumping the gun or getting upset or allowing someone else’s actions get the best of me. It happens, but as I get older I am better able to see and correct a poor reaction if I have one. It’s quite normal for human instincts often kick in before the spiritual edits.

There are many challenges we face that were agreed upon before we were born. If they were easy, then they wouldn’t be challenges, and what would we learn? Again, we may not be able to change the current circumstances right now, but we have the option and even the responsibility to deal with them in more positive ways. Here are just a few ways to combat the blues and turn your day around:


1. Turn a negative thought into a positive. It takes practice, but if you can catch yourself dwelling on a negative, STOP. Now replace it with something positive to say. It doesn’t even have to be about the same topic. Think about someone you love or the great plans you have for the weekend.

2. Look for the silver lining. Sometimes it can be tough to find, but look for something positive in every challenging situation. Then smile!

3. Say YES to positive self-talk. All too often we don’t support ourselves. Be your own best friend. Don’t be overly critical. If you made a mistake, acknowledge it, learn and grow and move on. It’s not the end of the world.

4. Avoid gossip and drama. When this opportunity comes, the best course of action is to zip it and walk away. Not only can thoughts and words hurt, but this is a negativity that could come back at you. You’ll be better off finding a nice thought in the midst of all the drama.

5. Learn meditation. There are many ways to meditate, but it often takes patience to learn. Once you have it down, even five-minute meditations can change the outcome of your day.

6. Surround yourself with positive people. If you have negative people around who bring you down, and you can’t avoid it, then be sure to balance it out with spending some time with people who lift you up.

7. Cheer up your surroundings. Clean up a room or organize a drawer that has been irritating you. Put away anything that brings up a conflict for you, like a gift you have on a shelf that you never really liked. Buy flowers for your office or your dining room table, and be sure to look at them often to give yourself a little lift.

8. Take a break and connect with nature. Take a few minutes each day to take a walk, tend to your garden or sit by the water. Be observant about your surroundings and the behaviors of all God’s little creatures. Find something that will make you giggle. It’s an amazing escape.

9. Do something creative. If you don’t think you are creative, then you haven’t explored enough! Write a poem, learn a musical instrument, take an art class or just rearrange your furniture. Creativity reshapes your world.

10. Practice compassion. Sometimes it’s very healing to just look at a person who is aggravating you, and see with your heart that this person is actually in a painful existence. Understanding this helps us avoid personalizing the situation.


Choosing to be happy is the first step in moving toward bringing an inner peace and freedom that we may not be able positiveto find outside of ourselves. No one but the self can deny inner peace, freedom and happiness.


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