Raising a Psychic Child

psychicchildDoes your child have extraordinary imaginary friends? Does he or she speak of passed on loved ones they never met? I get so many questions from parents whose children show varying degrees of their gifts. Some are understandably afraid they’re being haunted, but rest assured that for most, this is a very natural, not supernatural occurrence. The fact is that we ALL come into this world with gifts. They may show up a little differently in each of us, but we are all gifted. People generally show their gifts at a very early age because children are not yet clouded by the judgments, negativity and social pressures of man. Innocence is one of the first gifts we strip new humans of. Yep. Welcome to the world kid.

It seems there are more psychic children today than there were in previous generations, but I don’t believe this is the case. I feel it has been dismissed more easily in the past when we were not as tolerant and feared our families might be caught up in someone else’s gossip. Today, we are more open to the possibilities. We are more spiritual and more believing. Sometimes a psychic child is even looked upon as chosen. I have even seen a few parents react as pageant moms. They want me to develop their child’s gift for television-worthy programming. This route can often have a horrible impact on the psychology of a child. Fortunately, more often parents simply want to know how to handle the child’s gift. This is a healthy curiosity since you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a chapter on the topic in any of your baby books.

For the most part, there is nothing to really “handle.” You want to encourage a child to be a child. Embrace everything about your child, but don’t point out their abilities as if they were super powers or that it makes them different from other children. Every child wants to know they fit in. Let them embrace everything about themselves equally. It’s okay if you freak out about something that comes out of their mouth, but don’t let it linger. Ask a follow-up question or two as if he’s telling you about Billy’s birthday party and then move on. These gifts are part of them. It’s their brand of normal. You wouldn’t encourage algebra while they are just learning to count,  and you don’t need to encourage your child to do anymore than play with their imagination. This is just a part of who we all are. Most psychic adults will tell you that they just thought it was normal when they were children, and it was!

So what’s next for your child? More often than not, these gifts are going to hide underground soon as most children become acclimated to this complicated world we have created for them. Later on as a young adult, if they have an interest as I did, they will seek their mentors and bring it all back up to the surface. Oh the childhood stories you will tell them! Until then, remember how very normal your child really is. They will pick up on this healthier vibe from you and be at ease with themselves and the world around them.

One day when we are even more spiritually evolved, I have hope that we’ll all embrace the essence of our souls unconditionally.

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