Singing the Mercury in Retrograde Blues


What does Mercury in Retrograde really mean? Planet Mercury seems to stall and go backwards about four or five times each year. This when many people panic because this aspect is best known for messing up communications, electronic snafus and putting a wrench in all of our plans. Is it really that bad though? No. Each retrograde period is a little different in how it might affect us. Much of this depends on the time of year and what the current Sun sign is influencing the situation.

What’s on tap for us this time around?

May 19 – June 11, 2015

planetThis current retrograde is influenced by Gemini. That means it plays on the traits of this sign the most. The duality of Gemini’s twins will have a significant role between opposites. You may find yourself indecisive while your head and heart battle it out. You could end up balancing the shadows and light or even examining good and evil in the world around you. Anyway you spell it out, there is likely to be discord for a while.

Gemini is a social butterfly, so on a social level there could be miscommunications for some, but for others the energy could be very beneficial. For example, try especially hard to avoid gossip, hasty Facebook posts and verbal judgments at this time because it could come back to bite you in a hiney. On the other hand, if you are a writer or in other creative pursuits this might be the ideal energy to take advantage of. This is also a good time to learn new things, develop new philosophies and perspectives on life and your future.

And yes, this time around we could face some electronic and appliance challenges though it will not affect everyone. I have already spent $500 getting the washing machine fixed last week, and today I found out the car will be $300 to repair next week. My husband also dropped his laptop twice in the last week and it seems just short of being held together by duct tape. Keep your sense of humor!

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